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Wardrobe Staple – The Watch

This week’s wardrobe staple is one that dates all the way back to the 16th century, and has evolved into a must-have piece. It can add the finishing touch to any outfit, has practical uses and many people feel lost without theirs – the watch.

This beautiful timepiece below is the earliest known watch, dating from 1530.

First Watch


From pocket watches to plastic Disney watches to extortionate diamond watches, these little timekeepers are an important addition to anyone’s wardrobe. With thousands of different designs, materials, shapes and sizes (and prices) there’s a watch to suit everyone.

This is my piece of arm candy –



© Lily Hartley 2013

Made by Rotary, this is actually a men’s watch that I fell in love with just before my 18th birthday. I used all my birthday money to buy it, and I still adore it just as much as when I first saw it.

Here’s the link – Men’s gold-plated skeleton dial watch.

If you’re going to invest in a watch and spend a good sum of money, I would advise purchasing one made by a proper watchmaker rather than a designer brand. Although watches by designers may be gorgeous, their longevity isn’t always worth the cost.

Companies such as Seiko, Rotary, and Tissot are known for their good quality watches, and have a good price range with some beautiful, affordable pieces.

That’s not to say that watches from designers and high street brands aren’t worth buying – you can get stylish watches for low prices from a number of places.

Below are a selection of watches from different retailers that are smart and very covetable.


Olivia Burton produces gorgeous watches inspired by vintage designs. This woodland bee watch, £78.00, is traditional with a quirky edge.

Olivia Burton Watch

Moving away from traditional design, this Calvin Klein mirror bangle watch, £170 has a clean, minimalist look to it.

Calvin Klein Watch

Casio’s new collection for women, Sheen, includes some beautiful watches. Sheen gold and white watch, £135

Casio Watch

This leather-strapped watch from Rotary is a more delicate piece for those who don’t like a bulky watch. Rotary gold-plated watch, £119.

Rotary Watch


The combination of silver and gold in this Tissot watch, £190, makes it versatile as well as smart.

Tissot Watch



Something to make an impact… Bright red watch from Ice-Watch, £100.

Ica Watch

This handsome gold-plated watch by Vivienne Westwood, £225, would look slick on any wrist.

Vivienne Westwood Watch


A very wearable traditional-style bracelet watch from Hugo Boss, £175.

Hugo Boss Watch


So whether you like to make an impact with a more modern watch or keep it traditional with an old school timepiece, make sure you’ve got your wrist covered with this staple wardrobe piece.


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