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A New Purchase…

Although I’m meant to be sticking to writing about clothes rather than shopping for them at the moment (because I’m a poor student) my lack of self-control got the better of me yesterday, and I purchased something I’ve been coveting for quite a while – a black bowler hat.

bowler hat 2

© Lily Hartley 2013

The bowler hat has become popular more recently, with celebrities such as Beyoncé and Fearne Cotton throwing a nod to Charlie Chaplin with this trend.

My hat is from Ark, and at £12.99 it’s the cheapest I’ve found on the high street.


The hat also comes in burgundy and grey.
sdjhjhd    jek
Ark also does a twist on the classic bowler (similar to one seen in Topshop last season) that has moulded cat ears on the top. Ark Kitty Ears Bowler Hat, £13.99


These hats are so versatile and can add a twist to any outfit, so make like Chaplin and rock a bowler this winter!


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