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Some Little Black Wardrobe Additions…

A few days ago, I turned 22 (I’m just hurtling towards 30…) and was treated by my lovely boyfriend to something I’d been coveting for a long time… A pair of Vivienne Westwood and Melissa flats.


These aren’t just any old pumps. They’re made from Melflex, a flexible, recycled plastic material that is gorgeously scented and completely devoid of animal products. They’re waterproof, incredibly comfortable and stylish, and although they’re a little more expensive at £85, they’re worth every penny.


(Apologies for my almost translucent skin, but it is the middle of winter!)

British designer Vivienne Westwood and Brazilian company Melissa have worked together for the past few years producing different designs of these plastic shoes which include heels, flats and boots in a range of different colours. My pair can be found at NonNon.

I’m going down to London to shop the sales on Friday, and plan on wearing my Vivs all day to test just how comfortable they are… I’ll let you know if I end up blistered and bruised!

I was also given a little money for my birthday, and decided to spend it on another pair of shoes I’d had my eye on for a while.


All photographs © Lily Hartley 2014

I’d seen a pair of ‘Rockstud’ pumps from Valentino a while ago that I’d fallen in love with, but knew I couldn’t afford. Then, just before Christmas, I was having a browse in New Look and saw these little Pointed T Bar heels. I decided to wait it out and see if they went into the post-Christmas sales… Which they didn’t.

However, at £19.99 they were still a bargain! The pointed toe is very in right now, but if you’re anything like me you may have been put off buying anything too pointy for fear of looking like a witch or Cruella De Vil. My advice is to throw caution to the wind and embrace your inner Disney villain, because these shoes are sexy, smart and surprisingly comfortable.

So whether you choose flats or heels, pointed toes or round, choose black, because it never goes out of style and always looks good.

black is the new blackCredit


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