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What I’m Wearing

This outfit was actually one I wore over the weekend, and it’s one I love because it’s the perfect mix of smart and casual. I wore this to go shopping (an event which happens much too regularly for my bank account’s liking).


Mixing patterns together can be very hit or miss, but this top combines both floral and tartan trends in one, using well matched colours to keep it tasteful rather than tacky. Skinny jeans are a great way to balance out a loose top and keep some shape.

Top – Mango

Jeans – Primark

Shoes – Vivienne Westwood

Whilst the front of the top is patterned chiffon material, the back is grey jersey. Different textures and patterns add another dimension to outfits.


I featured these shoes in a previous post (Little Black Wardrobe Additions). They’re incredibly comfortable to walk around in, and smell gorgeous (unlike most pumps worn with bare feet!)


I usually like to stick to either silver or gold when choosing my jewellery, but pieces that combine both can look stylish, and gold can really help to warm up an outfit.


Thumb ring – Silverado

Heart ring – Pandora

Chunky rings – Primark

Bracelet – Daisy Jewellery

A statement necklace is a great way to add a little glamour to an outfit (take a look at my post on statement necklaces for some inspiration) and this one from Primark is one of my favourites (and a bargain at £2!)


Necklace – Primark

I like to keep my earrings simple when wearing necklaces to avoid going too over the top on jewellery. The hammered studs came in a multipack of different earrings from Primark, another bargain at £2.50!


Stud earrings – Primark

Hoop earring – Classix

As it’s February, going out without a jacket on would mean a guaranteed cold (and constant snuffling is no fun) so to dress this outfit for the outdoors, I wore my faux leather jacket (which is surprisingly warm!)

This handbag was one I’d be coveting for a while, and luckily I managed to bag it (get it?) in the January sales. I love big handbags because I carry so much stuff around with me, and this one is very sturdy so it can take the weight of all my junk!


Leather jacket – Primark

Handbag – Accessorize

All photographs © Lily Hartley 2014


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