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Fashion Fact #1

Because I’m so busy with my dissertation right now, I can’t mange a big blog post as often as I’d like! So, to fill the space, I’m going to be adding in fashion facts. Here’s the first!

Fashion Week is already underway in New York, but did you know that the first ever Fashion Week was held there too?

In 1943, what was then known as ‘Press Week’ was held in New York by publicist Eleanor Lambert (pictured below) to showcase American fashion and distract from French fashion, which was popular at the time due to its higher quality.



Fashion Week then spread to Europe, the first of which was held in Milan in 1958. London cottoned on in 1961 and then finally Paris in 1973 (the order of the 4 main Fashion Weeks still stands today – New York, Milan, London and Paris). There are now over 100 Fashion Weeks worldwide, held in different countries.

Then and now – New York Fashion Week in 1943 and 70 years later in 2013

fashion week  2014-Spring-New-York-Fashion-Week-Runway-Oscar-de-la-Renta

Credit                                                                                   Credit

Keep up-to-date with the events at Fashion Week at Fashion Week Online


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