Welcome to The Student Sartorialist!

Although my background is photography-based (I’m in my final year studying Photojournalism at university) I’ve always had a huge interest and passion for all aspects of style and fashion, so writing a blog about this interest, from the perspective of a (not totally skint, but quite poor…) student seemed like a good idea!

I’m a terrible shopaholic, I constantly lust after things I can’t afford and I have too many pairs of shoes. I love looking at what does and doesn’t work within fashion, how to wear what, how trends filter down from catwalk to high street, how designers work… Everything about the extensive and complex sartorial world.

This blog is a reflection of these interests, a blog for fashion lovers written by a fashion lover! The difference here is that I’ll show you how to make the trends affordable and I’ll do the work for you when it comes to sourcing reasonably priced pieces.

I hope you love, learn, and find inspiration from my blog…

Lily x

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